Powerful Marketing Platform

EasilyChat All-In-One Platform is suitable for Facebook Messenger, E-commerce, Comment, SMS, Email,Social Media, Comparison, Analytical and Search Marketing.


Build E-commerce Store right inside Facebook Messenger to quickly reach your customer to start selling today. 


Facebook Messenger Marketing is the best marketing channel online right now. Build Chatbot for Messenger.

Email Marketing

Together with Messenger email marketing has never been more powerfully than before.

SMS Marketing

Together with Messenger bots, you can start SMS marketing with customer number you have collected. 

Social Media

With Social Media Marketing easily schedule, plan and post to your favourite social network

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Master Facebook Messenger

EasilyChat is a very new and surprising invention for internet marketing.

Facebook is providing some technique for marketing that are hidden and nobody knows yet. Facebook doesn’t provide any front-end interface to use this powerful feature. It’s possible by using some good programming knowledge only.


Four Simple Steps

Get Started with four simple steps, to start growing your business today.


Create an Account


Import Facebook


Enable your pages for Messenger Bots


Create or Select Bots Templates

The most interesting part is, it’s totally free marketing

EasilyChat Platform

  1. It offers all powerful tools like Facebook Marketing (Messenger BOT, Comment BOT, Bulk Message Broadcast, Auto Comment Tools etc).
  2. Social Media Posting (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress etc).
  3. SMS Marketing (Twilio, Plivo, Clickatell, Nexmo, AfricasTalking, Msg91, SemySMS, RouteSMS etc), Email Marketing (SMTP, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill etc).
  4. Search Marketing, Comparison Marketing, Analytical Marketing & many other features. EasilyChat is the best choice for your daily marketing solutions.

Build your Brand on every platform

Everything You Need, To Reach Your Customer. Build your dream chatbot for Facebook Messenger or just broadcast messages to reach your existing customers without any coding knowledge. Sign in and import your account just by clicking on the Facebook login button.You can sync all leads who are already in a conversation with your page or you have sent private reply.Start by sending a campaign or setup your message for replies.
The most interesting part is, it’s totally free marketing

Automate business inquiries, increase 10x more sales

  1. With EasilyChat you can build the content flow to engage and build relationship with your customers. Send custom text, image, link, video or carousel and any more.

Send promotions & offer broadcasts

With 80% open rates and 25% CTR, Messenger beats every other channel. Seasonal discounts and flash-sale offers delivered right into your customer's messenger inbox.

More powerful than email marketing!

Only 20% of emails get opened. With our tool, You will have click-through-rate from 4 to 10 times higher or 80% of your messages get read. 

Open your business ecommerce store
in EasilyChat and sale your products in messenger

Easy as it sound, Open Store, Upload and write details. Your customers are already engaged in messenger. 

Everything You Need, To Reach Your Customer

Build your dream chatbot or broadcast messages to reach your existing customers 

Sign & Import Account

Import your Facebook account just click on login with Facebook button.

Sync Lead

You can sync all leads who are already in a conversation with your page or you have sent private reply.

Create Campaign & Configure

Start by sending a campaign or setup your message for replies.

Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

Automation of contact with your recipients with personalized messages. A significant proportion of recipients will get help via automated messages, and you will save time and money in contact with people.

  • Automatic reply to messages
  • Scheduling a newsletter on Messenger
  • Building the Messenger contact database, phone number, email address

Hidden Facebook ADS targeting

Choose your interests in detail for your Facebook ADS ads. Facebook hides most of the possible interests to determine the target audience

  • Meet 1000's of interests to target groups per search keyword
  • You will check the exact number of recipients of a given interest
  • You will reach less known interests and optimize the costs of your marketing campaign

Create a store on Messenger

Create a store without any coding directly in Messenger. You don't need any external tools for this.

  • Integrate payments with PayPal and Stripe and accept transfers and cash on delivery
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Support for discount coupons, categories, attributes
  • The customer will do shopping without leaving Messenger

SMS and Email marketing campaigns

Send SMS and Email messages to your chatbot Messenger contacts

  • Integration with email gateways, include Foxymail, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Emaillabs, and any of them using SMTP
  • Integration with 10 SMS gateways, incl. Twilio, Plivo
  • Integration with Zapier and other systems
  • Targeting on the Facebook side, gender, time zone and subscriber's location

Publish posts to other social media with one click

Managing 8 Social Media channels has never been easier. Today you can publish on 8 different Social Media channels simultaneously. You can also bulk schedule and post.

  • We support: Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, WordPress, Youtube, Facebook, Blogger
  • Publish text, images, videos, links, or HTML posts
  • Schedule your posts for a whole month in advance, no need to post on the fly anymore

Custom Facebook Post

Create and schedule custom posts not available from the Facebook dashboard. No need to open FanPage.

  • CTA buttons for posts, eg Send message
  • Carousel, slideshow, text, link, image, video posts
  • Automatic replies (comments, private messages)
  • Publish posts to all your fan pages without having to switch

Convert activity on posts into your customers

Build engagement with your audience with immediate reaction.

  • Auto-reply to posts (comments and private messages)
  • Defining keywords that will allow for a personalized answer
  • Automatically likes comments on a post

Tools for getting potential customers

Make direct contact with your audience and grow your business today

  • Bulk messaging on Messenger
  • Chat plugin for your website
  • Newsletter by messaging on Messenger
  • Bot Messenger messages)

Managing multiple fanpages in one place

You receive news from all fan pages in one place, publish posts without having to switch between pages.

  • Publish posts to multiple Fanpages simultaneously
  • We support CTA posts, text, video, live, RSS, carousels, sliders, images
  • Automatic publication of previously scheduled posts

Manage Instagram accounts

Analyze Instagram account statistics, create automatic replies to comments. Manage your Instagram account automatically.

  • Hashtag search engine
  • Analysis of real and detailed statistics of Instagram accounts
  • Comment moderation: delete, hide, comment

Create live broadcasts from recorded video

Reach more people via live broadcasts using a previously saved file

  • Schedule LIVE from recorded video
  • Publish live instantly from recorded video
  • Share the post on your fan page, groups, or your board
  • Automatic comments for LIVE