Email & SMS Sequence Campaigner

Email & SMS Sequence Campaigner

With this EailyChat feature, you will be able to create an email, SMS drip, or sequence campaign for page’s Messenger subscribers who have the email address & phone number in the system collected by quick reply or email post-back button.

Key Features:

  • Create an email & SMS sequence campaign
  •  Edit campaign
  •  Assign sequence campaign during opt-in
  •  Bulk assign sequence campaign
  •  Individual subscriber assign
  •  Postback click assign
  •  Hourly campaign set
  •  Daily campaign set
  •  A full report of sending

Other Important Features:

  1. Assign Sequence campaigner email or phone number that is collected
  2. Manual Sequence campaign assigned to each subscriber
  3. Bulk Sequence campaign assign
  4. Daily Sequence settings (Day-1 to Day 30)
  5. Hourly Sequence settings (Hour-1 to Hour 23)
  6. Daily email/SMS sending reports
  7. Hourly email/SMS sending reports