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Messenger Bot

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You will be able to set your messenger bot for multiple pages. The bot can reply with text, post back button, quick reply, image, video, template, carousel template & so on. Setting up your messenger bot with Bot Inboxer will reply to all your customers in messenger very fast.

Here you can manage your messenger bot settings. To make all the things easy this section is divided into three sub-section. They are:

  •  Bot settings: This page is divided into three parts. The leftmost part displays all your pages. The middle one shows available settings and the right part displays the corresponding reports of available settings.In the middle section, you will find Bot reply settingsGet started settingsGeneral settingsAction button settingsPersistent menu settings. When you will click the Change settings text then the right side part will display corresponding data.

    Bot reply settings:  Whey you will select these settings then the right side will show you all the Bot reply you have created so far. You can add new Bot Reply and see Bot settings data by clicking the corresponding button. This is a keyword-based reply. Replying Keywords must be comma-separated.

    Get started settings:  By selecting this setting you can both enable and disable Get started button settings. The greeting text on the welcome screen is your first opportunity to tell a person why they should start a conversation with your messenger bot. Some things you might include in your greeting text might include a brief description of what your bot does, such as key features, or a tagline. This is also a great place to start establishing the style and tone of your bot. Greetings have a 160 character maximum, so keep it concise

    General settings:  You can set “Mark as seen status”, “Chat with human email”, “Reply if no match found” settings. Change as you need.

    Action button settings:  There are few systems defined reply templates so that users do not have to set them. Users just have to edit them if they like.

    • Get-started template: respond when visitor click on get started button
    • No match template: respond when the system does not get any matching keyword to reply.
    • Un-subscribe template: replies when visitor click unsubscribe button
    • Re-subscribe template: replies when visitor click resubscribe button
    • Email quick reply template: replies when a visitor provides his/her email
    • Phone quick reply template: replies when a visitor provides his/her phone
    • Birthday quick reply template: replies when a visitor provides his/her birth date
    • Chat with a human template: replies when a visitor wants to chat with a human agent
    • Chat with robot template: replies when a visitor wants to chat with robot agent

    After selecting any of the above settings you will find corresponding settings to be changed.

    Persistent menu settings:  This section will reveal your persistent menu settings. You can add persistent menu settings by clicking the Create persistent menu button.

  •  Post-back manager: You can set your post-back settings here. Here you find your post-back templates. You can create a new template by clicking the button Create new template. This button will redirect you to a new page to fill the necessary information.

  •  Whitelisted domains: If you want to send any websites link through your bot, you have to make that website whitelisted first. These settings will be found here. You can add, edit, and delete your whitelisted domains from here. Do not worry, you do not need to whitelist manually, the system will automatically whitelist for you whenever needed.

 Messenger Broadcast #

 Conversation broadcast: It broadcast your conversations. In this section, you will find all your conversation broadcast lists. You can search them by using filters like the page, date-range. You can also add your conversational broadcast by clicking the button Create Campaign.

Promotional text-only broadcasting to all page conversation. Needs delay between each message sent.

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